06 March 2013

How to cure a plantar wart naturally

  Do a quick Google search and you will find unlimited advice on home remedies for plantar warts. The tips range from applying fresh garlic, to mixing a poultice of crushed up aspirin. And then there’s the classic: cover it … Continued

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04 March 2013

60 second skillshare: Essential oil of lemon

  60 second skillshare is a snippet of information you can use in your home or on the farm. We will see our own tried, tested a true, tips, as well as wisdom from others we admire and trust. Enjoy! … Continued

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22 February 2013

Will the real ferments please stand up?

If you are buying, not making your ferments, use these tips to make sure you walk out of the store with the real deal… On a recent trip to a health food store, I noticed retailers are either improperly stocking their … Continued

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15 February 2013

Decadent daikon crisps

Do you want a healthy, crispy snack that’s an alternative to potato chips (and maybe you’re feeling kale chips are a bit, well, 2012?) Well, I made an ah-MAY-zing discovery the other day…I had picked up two daikon radish to … Continued

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13 February 2013

How hidden food sensitivities could be sabotaging your health

  When most people think of allergies, they think of an immune response like hives (red, itchy bumps) or itchy, watery eyes, and a stuffy and/or runny nose. But there are many other signs that can tip you off to … Continued

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10 February 2013

The snack zone – taking the ‘fuss’ out of snack time

  Here’s a quick and simple way to empower your children to make their own choices about the food they eat, while giving gentle and non-coercive guidance. We call it the ‘snack zone’ in our house and here’s why I … Continued

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07 February 2013

10 ways to use leftover brine

  Do you ever have brine left-over at the bottom of your ferments? That brine is actually *teeming* with beneficial bacteria. Gut-healing bacteria. The type you pay big money for in the store under the name of ‘probiotics’. That’s why … Continued

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05 February 2013

Snowshoe adventures

  While I love being in the country, even in the winter, it’s easy to feel cooped up. Sometimes you have to take measures to mitigate that. And that’s why we are the proud owners of snowshoes this year! We … Continued

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05 February 2013

Kale and Navy Bean soup

Here on the Canadian Prairies, it’s pretty darn frigid by most standards. Every winter, in order to keep from being perpetually cold, I have to sip or hold something hot in almost every waking hour. I’ll tell you, this situation … Continued

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21 January 2013

No-fail spelt bread

Have I ever mentioned that I learned how to hand-make spelt bread from an ancient grain and wood-fired stove guru? Dora Friesen, of Integrity Foods lives a hop skip and a jump away from my mom and dad’s farm-just off #8 Highway … Continued

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