Class: Good-for-you-soda & other fizzy summer drinks

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Hollis

Want to learn how to make fun, fizzy drinks that actually support your health?

If you are looking to:

….then you are in the right place.

Sodas, brews and health nourishing drinks of all kinds were around long before they were co-opted by corporations and made into sugary imitations. The traditional sodas that we will focus on are fun to make, probiotic, and full of vitamins and minerals that your body can easily recognize and absorb.

If you are a mama – these drinks can be made and enjoyed as a family. If you are an athlete, these drinks will help you optimize (gut health=better recovery, nourishment and immunity).

And, I’ll be honest, we might have used some of these brews as the backbone of some rockin’ guilt-free summer cocktails…Yes, they are versatile 🙂

In this class you will learn how to make several classic brews that include:

You’ll also learn how to add medicinal herbs and flavourful twists to tailor each drink to your own unique preferences and health needs….

Ready to sip on some lacto-fermented sodas in the hot, hot summer heat?

Here’s how to sign up:
When: Tuesday, June 6
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:15 pm
Where: North end of Saskatoon (address will be emailed to registrants)
Investment: $74

You will take home: More than 5 quarts of drinks, two cultures and FULL step-by-step handouts

*Class size is limited and first come, first served. Just a gentle reminder that the soda class sells out quickly…


Payment can be made via e-transfer to adrienne@

OR: via Paypal below

*Class instructions will be emailed once you are registered 🙂