Mother-daughter fermentation class…

Reclaiming an art that skipped a generation…

Fermentation has been used by people around the world to preserve food, enhance its flavour, and boost its nutritional value.

There are plenty of great reasons to learn how to ferment/culture vegetables, including:

Lacto-fermentation has been used by people around the world to preserve food long before freezers, pressure cookers and canners ever made their way into our lives…You would be hard-pressed to find a region- and group of people- that doesn’t have it’s own history of fermented foods.

The process actually encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that aid our digestion and keeps our digestive tracts populated with essential beneficial micro-flora…

There is a growing body of evidence that many diseases and imbalances are directly linked to an imbalance in the gut. And that has led researchers to call ferments a ‘lost food group’.

We now know that you would be hard-pressed to find a group of people without a corresponding fermented food that is rooted in their tradition. Think: sauerkraut (Ukrainian), Kimchi (Korean), Miso (Asian), lassi and idli (Indian), viili yogurt (Nordic), and skyr (Icelandic).

Unfortunately, many of these foods have disappeared from family meals altogether and what’s found on grocery store shelves is mostly a mass-produced, pasteurized (dead) version…

The class:

You will leave this 3 hour class with a minimum of two quarts of ferments (pickle type and kraut type), handouts with recipes and a solid understanding of the basics of fermentation so you can confidently repeat the process in your own home at any time!

There will also be plenty of samples of traditional foods – so save room and bring your inner food adventurer…


Classes take place in a home-based environment in North End Saskatoon.

Class fee: $97 per pair ($48.50 each)
When: Sunday, April 23
Time: 2pm-5pm
Where: North end of Saskatoon (address will be emailed to registrants)

*Class size is limited and first come, first served.


Payment can be made via paypal or e-transfer to

*You will receive class instructions once you are registered.