Real Food Class: Nourishing Broths

making turley broth

Do you want to learn how to make a delicious broth? A food that can help:

  • Heal your gut
  • Boost your immunity
  • Soothe joint pain
  • and more…


For generations, broth has been revered for its ability to both nourish and heal.

Today, broth has become a huge trend and is being embraced  in homes – and restaurants –  all over North America.

It’s even being profiled in magazines and being served up at exclusive takeout windows in NYC…

But why should you care?


Long before bone broth was trendy, it was a kitchen staple…

Throughout history, broths have brought both comfort and healing….

They have well-documented, health-giving properties and are a staple traditional food.


tuh broth 2
Photo courtesy of Jill Kantor, certified TWMK teacher…

“Good broth will

resurrect the dead.”

~South American proverb


Bone broths were – and are – a way to get the most from your animal foods. Nothing goes to waste. It’s a holistic -and healing- approach to food…

Now you can learn how to properly prepare this time-honoured food to nourish you and those around you…


Get ready to warm your hands around a warm mug of broth and join me for an afternoon of traditional foods skill building.




In this class you will learn:

  • How to make chicken, beef/deer/moose and fish broth
  • The time-honoured technique used in french cooking to produce a flavourful broth
  • How to draw the most nutrients from your bone broths
  • How to make a ‘second-run’ broth from your chicken bones
  • How to use broths to help heal and nurture the whole family- including serious digestive issues
  • Three different ways to store/preserve your broth- no matter how much space you have


At the end of the day, you will leave with:

  • Broth in hand
  • The signature Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen Nourishing Broths handout (complete with recipes, how to’s and the nutritional know-how)
  • the knowledge of where to source the best, most nutritious bones (this is really important!)

And you’ll know just how to make broths that heal, soothe and taste PHENOMENAL.

AND- as if bone broth doesn’t have enough miraculous properties on its own, I’m going to show you how to kick it up a notch with some incredibly medicinal add-ins. These are things that will take your broth to the next level…

Don’t miss this class!


Date: Sunday March 12, 2017

Location: Saskatoon, SK (directions sent to those who register. Welcoming and comfortable home environment)

Time:  12-4 pm

Sign up now and find out for yourself why people are calling bone broth “This winter’s new miracle drink.”


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Nourishing broth class

+ Bonus: Broth boosters: Medicinals that make your broth even better


$97 for base class + bonus + take home broth + printed handouts and recipes

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