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04 March 2013

60 second skillshare: Essential oil of lemon


60 second skillshare is a snippet of information you can use in your home or on the farm.
We will see our own tried, tested a true, tips, as well as wisdom from others we admire and trust.


I regularly use essential oils on the farm. For healing, aromatherapy, cleaning and pest control.
There are just so many reasons I couldn’t do without them anymore!

Recently, I used essential oil of lemon to heal plantar warts in both my son and daughter. You can read about how I did it here.

Since I have a bottle of it around, I decided to ask Nancy Hall III for a snapshot of how else we can use this versatile oil.

Hall is a well-respected aromatherapist and the co-founder of an amazing local apothecary, Hollow Reed Holistic.

Here’s what she had to say:


Essential Oil of Lemon has so many uses. One of the most time tested uses is in liver detoxification. 1 – 3 drops of organic, quality Lemon essential oil, consumed in water will tell the liver to produce enzymes that will adapt toxins into a form that is easily eliminated by the body. Be gentle with yourself if you have not been on a cleansing diet or liver detox before, and use only one drop per day, to start. Spring is the best time of year to enjoy a little lemon oil first thing in the morning. Lemon oil is also famous for its mood elevating action so have it in the morning before your coffee – truly an enjoyable way to assist the body in its natural process!


Aromatherapist, Nancy Hall III of Hollow Reed Holistic

Special notes: Nancy Hall III will be a featured workshop host at this year’s DIY Homesteader Festival. She will be sharing a session called “The Essential Prairie Medicine Chest.” Early bird tickets for the fest are now on sale.


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    19 September, 2013 21:31 || Reply

    1. Jessi

      Hi I was wondering after putting the lemon oil on a planters wart do you put a bandage over it or duct tape or something of the sorts?

      10 July, 2016 18:36 || Reply

      1. Adrienne Percy

        That seems to help for sure!

        16 January, 2017 13:25 || Reply

  • Chana Haymov

    Where can one purchase the essential oil of lemon? Please email me back at the above email asap, Thanks!

    18 May, 2017 04:45 || Reply

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